Guljo... where the story begins

One fine day, two years ago...

Nickname, for some it's not an important part in their life.  Insignificant.  Some even find it's a cheesy/childish stuff too.  Why? Personally, I think because nickname (given by someone, not picked by oneself) is something used to show affection towards the other person, in another way it shows the closeness among friends or lovers... My definition: Nickname is a public term used to freely show adoration between two people.  

That's why I used to hate things like "nickname", because just like HJ, once, I was a kid who dislike things too "mushy", public affection is a total no no for me...Ironically, I worked my brain hard enough to find one when I start my part-time duty as a "fangirl", officially 5yrs ago. lol

Thus, I take this part remarkably special in my own JBer-way.  He did confessed how he hates mushy-stuff, yet here he was the one who initiated the nickname-thing.  She then helped herself with suggesting the "walking tool" name, to which he seemingly approved with that tender smiling face... At that time I thought the idea would easily slipped off his busy+tired mind anytime soon, but their Everland episode proved me wrong - he did remember Buin's nickname when he changed it again to "Malbo" after the piggyback... In fact, that was one of the so many times he proved me wrong.  Just like HB said, although he may always  look blunt, he is actually a very detailed person.  He did remember almost everything HB said or done, surprisingly even the small things I wrongfully thought he wouldn't take them seriously.  Gladly, he did.  And I rejoice gleefully each time he did ^^

And this....

I'm ssorry for the fan who gave the gift, but I really wish the zipper go off soon (lol)... Doesn't matter if he fix it himself or he asks anyone else to fix it for him (of course I'll go crazyfranzy if he really did ask Hwang Buin to fix it! kyaa~).. what really matter for me is, will he remember or not? That once, he was able to live the "comfortable life", thanks to his loving, tough & funny, friend-like "Guljo".


We still believe.... To The World!!! v^o^v


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