It's been long time. Still, never forgotten.

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Annyeong yorobun~
Ogenki desuka?


After such long 'break', expect my badly mix-language to be used here. Ssorry.
Unless it starts to give you headache, alert me pronto ok? :P

 Alright.  To be honest ssorry no new spazz for this entry. 

Yes I/we do feel somewhat 'guilty' we didn't forum-ing nor blogging as frequent as I/we did before.  I just started with 'real' job early this year & my lil' sis is busy preparing for her big exam in November.  So basically, our ordinary life started to roll vigorously since the year began, hence taking most of our time away from Joongbo-ing.
But fortunately, knowing that uri Soompi-based Ssangchu playground is still around make us really happy.
What make us much happier is that we also found out uri couple fan-base has been rapidly increasing in the last few months.. Congrats JBers! \(^o^)/ *High5!!!*
What else can I say?
Ssangchu is easily lovable deshou? ^_^

 Though it might not be a love-at-first-sight things, but that's it, that is the precious element most (if not all) JBers experienced.

We didn't actually approved the sight of the couple right away from the beginning, but gradually, we 'grew' the feelings naturally as we witnessed the couple 'bonding' with honesty throughout the show.

That's why unsurprisingly, in the final episode, the 'bonded' feeling led us JBers to share HB tears on Halla-san.  It breaks our heart to see their deeply hurt expression. 

We can relate to their feeling easily & groom our hopes in them, making it pretty impossible to claim both of them were just faking or acting till the end.  It feels so real (we believe so!) and the 'taste' of their happiness & also the pain remains in our heart until today.
At least, that's how we JBers feel so.  It's clearly not our concern if you (anti-JBers) can't or refuse to understand the fondness we have for this lovely couple.   Wishing happiness for people we care about is never a bad thing.  And there's absolutely no court in this world grant you the right to stop us from hoping the best of wellness for both HJ & HB.

Lol.  Suddenly I feel so emo  nostalgic today. *sigh*
I guessed I just missed Ssangchu too much again ^_^

Well, shall stop here for now.  
Here's a lil gift from us as apologies for not being around much ^_^
Miss you all! ♥ 



Wish someone will be kind enough to create a fanmade Ssangchu-mv with this piece.
I thought it sounds pretty much like HJ-thingy.   Shy guy who falls for a friend-like lady ^_^

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