Hints or Confessions?

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epop chatroom
Simple Love Talk
Good Man: Kim Hyun Joong

epop: Have you ever liked anyone when you were young?
HJ: When I was young, I liked to joke with girls, even bully them. For instance, I would draw a line in the middle of the desk and tell her, “Everything after this line belongs to me.”

epop: What’s your ideal type of girl?
HJ: I’m the type of person that falls in love at first sight. Her character is the first thing I pay attention to in a girl. I like active, natural girls that treat me like a chingu. If the girl is gorgeous, but is too polite in her speech, I lose my good impression of her.

epop: How do you confess to the girl you like?
HJ: At first I’ll keep my feelings to myself. After I get to know her, I’ll confess. If she rejects me, I’ll give up for sure.

=Translation for the following two Q&As might be inaccurate as magazine scan is unclear=

The thing that matter.

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I just love this episode. 
Well, to be honest, I just love ALL of their episode. LOL.

But as this is closed to their final farewell episode (it's their second last epi, & the last time they spent time together in that apartment), compare this to their Olympic farewell, there were more moments here that still hurt my heart to watch.

My all-time favorite moment in this episode;


They say sometimes one wouldn't be able to realize what they truly feels inside.  Unless something significant happened in their life, something very meaningful that push their mind to think deeper than they usually did.

Something like this.

Yeah...So why did YOU do it HJ??
Do you need our help to answer that for you?

Well, I guess we don't have to^^
HJ, your answer was right all along.

The realization, I guess it came to him slowly as the show progress further.

"Because I have feelings for her"

He was telling the truth. I have no doubt.
Yorobun, let celebrate this~!^^


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