Hello blinking lettuce-shaped stars, annyeong !

Pyn here ^_^

first and foremost I have to say that I am really sorry for the long hiatus from this family (as if I had ever been active before hahaha, it was always Oba who kept this space running). A year and a half, almost two years, me and Oba had been living really well, dahaengida. God blessed us well. Now that I am turning 19, it's just devastating to me watching how time could pass. I was first in the joongbo family when I was 16 (not to mention the arashian part.. of which I'd been 'coming & go' as I'd like since 13..)

Idk how to or when to remake for this long hiatus.. seriously. I don't even listen to korean songs these days.. may I blame puberty haha. As I went blog-walking on other JBers, it seems like everyone is on hiatus.. which made me miss the big happy family more. But what I am sure is that I cannot move on from this JoongBo ship. (insert all labels here, example clingy-fangirl haha)

During the hiatus, at times I did check on HJ's latest performances on youtube, read on HB's tweets etc.  I can see Hwangbo-ness in HJ and Hyunjoong-ness in HB. Once in WGM these were very obvious, and to be able see this again and again over time from 2008 to 2014, let me tell you, it is very beautiful. Such beauty that I don't think We Got Remarried is that necessary, lol.

For this family that brought much wonderful memories to me and Oba. Hyunjoong, Hwangbo and worldwide JoongBo-ers, I thank you so much. Saranghaeyo !

:) *segyero sign* PURPLE HEARTS, TO THE WORLD

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