Hello blinking lettuce-shaped stars, annyeong !

Pyn here ^_^

first and foremost I have to say that I am really sorry for the long hiatus from this family (as if I had ever been active before hahaha, it was always Oba who kept this space running). A year and a half, almost two years, me and Oba had been living really well, dahaengida. God blessed us well. Now that I am turning 19, it's just devastating to me watching how time could pass. I was first in the joongbo family when I was 16 (not to mention the arashian part.. of which I'd been 'coming & go' as I'd like since 13..)

Idk how to or when to remake for this long hiatus.. seriously. I don't even listen to korean songs these days.. may I blame puberty haha. As I went blog-walking on other JBers, it seems like everyone is on hiatus.. which made me miss the big happy family more. But what I am sure is that I cannot move on from this JoongBo ship. (insert all labels here, example clingy-fangirl haha)

During the hiatus, at times I did check on HJ's latest performances on youtube, read on HB's tweets etc.  I can see Hwangbo-ness in HJ and Hyunjoong-ness in HB. Once in WGM these were very obvious, and to be able see this again and again over time from 2008 to 2014, let me tell you, it is very beautiful. Such beauty that I don't think We Got Remarried is that necessary, lol.

For this family that brought much wonderful memories to me and Oba. Hyunjoong, Hwangbo and worldwide JoongBo-ers, I thank you so much. Saranghaeyo !

:) *segyero sign* PURPLE HEARTS, TO THE WORLD

It's been long time. Still, never forgotten.

*     *     *     *     *

Annyeong yorobun~
Ogenki desuka?


After such long 'break', expect my badly mix-language to be used here. Ssorry.
Unless it starts to give you headache, alert me pronto ok? :P

 Alright.  To be honest ssorry no new spazz for this entry. 

Yes I/we do feel somewhat 'guilty' we didn't forum-ing nor blogging as frequent as I/we did before.  I just started with 'real' job early this year & my lil' sis is busy preparing for her big exam in November.  So basically, our ordinary life started to roll vigorously since the year began, hence taking most of our time away from Joongbo-ing.
But fortunately, knowing that uri Soompi-based Ssangchu playground is still around make us really happy.
What make us much happier is that we also found out uri couple fan-base has been rapidly increasing in the last few months.. Congrats JBers! \(^o^)/ *High5!!!*
What else can I say?
Ssangchu is easily lovable deshou? ^_^

 Though it might not be a love-at-first-sight things, but that's it, that is the precious element most (if not all) JBers experienced.

We didn't actually approved the sight of the couple right away from the beginning, but gradually, we 'grew' the feelings naturally as we witnessed the couple 'bonding' with honesty throughout the show.

That's why unsurprisingly, in the final episode, the 'bonded' feeling led us JBers to share HB tears on Halla-san.  It breaks our heart to see their deeply hurt expression. 

We can relate to their feeling easily & groom our hopes in them, making it pretty impossible to claim both of them were just faking or acting till the end.  It feels so real (we believe so!) and the 'taste' of their happiness & also the pain remains in our heart until today.
At least, that's how we JBers feel so.  It's clearly not our concern if you (anti-JBers) can't or refuse to understand the fondness we have for this lovely couple.   Wishing happiness for people we care about is never a bad thing.  And there's absolutely no court in this world grant you the right to stop us from hoping the best of wellness for both HJ & HB.

Lol.  Suddenly I feel so emo  nostalgic today. *sigh*
I guessed I just missed Ssangchu too much again ^_^

Well, shall stop here for now.  
Here's a lil gift from us as apologies for not being around much ^_^
Miss you all! ♥ 



Wish someone will be kind enough to create a fanmade Ssangchu-mv with this piece.
I thought it sounds pretty much like HJ-thingy.   Shy guy who falls for a friend-like lady ^_^

*     *     *     *     *

He said it all ~

Alright :D

Taraa ~~

Seriously its awwwesome . ( I mean, the beautiful art .. O,O )

Its been more than a week ago since this
Shillang's Marry Me (maleversion) & Marry You (femaleversion) was out .

Sorry for not updating this blog ... tho we were all awake the night it was released .

15.12.11 00:00


tho we have been waiting from 11pm .. =.="
yes it was on Mnet but .... twas REALLY slow .
 KeyEast uploaded it on his YT channel at 12AM.

Know what happened ?
besides Some rats was happily running under our beds that night lol

Being so happy watching the MVs & reading the lyrics translation,
Our eyes were wet. :'D
Seriously were tearing .
Well happy tears ~ tsk tsk.

so We stayed awake from that 12AM till 3AM .
yeah lolling in Joongboland . ^^
weee ~

Well we just can't sleep when we're just too happy right ?
haha. okay okay its just us.

So here's something for everyone who's in the ship ! :D
well we only slept after we were done with this collage that night ~

2012 .... To The World ! ^O^
I M Possible ;)

Marry Me Yobo

Source: henecia.com
English translation: Stephanie (@5StarsAs1/ www.i-kpoplovers.blogspot.com)
Please leave the credits remain intact when repost. TQ! :)

This is Keyeast.

The releasing date for Kim HyunJoong's digital single album [Marry You/Marry Me] have been decided.

Digital single album [Marry Me/Marry Me] will be released in various online music sites on 15th of December at 00:00am KST.

1. Marry You
2. Marry Me
3. Marry You (Instrumental)
4. Marry Me (Instrumental)

[Marry Me] is the male version whereas [Marry You] is the female version. Aside for the lyrics, the guitar performance together with the song arrangement will be different.

Additionally, the music video consists of the digital single album tracks [Marry You] & [Marry Me]. Especially, the music video exudes a smooth sensation of the sand animation together with the pictures of happy moments spent that the fans had sent it to us will be revealed through Kim HyunJoong's official Youtube channel on 15th December midnight.

Despite the busy schedule after 'Lucky Guy' promotion on November, Kim HyunJoong have directly participated in the lyrics composition to show a better image for the fans. We hope to receive many supports and love for the specially prepared digital single [Marry You/Marry Me].

Thank you.

Alright Hyunjoong . And Hyejung.
Now we'll just sit down , patiently happily waiting *as a good joongbo-er* ,

for D'Day to come :P

2012 HWAITING !!

Kiss Kiss Mission 2012?

Okay.. First off, read this

Note: SSORY if those IMAGES makes you feel a bit uncomfortable  ^^

BUT.....that's not my major point here. Hoho.

I'm particularly highlighting the very last line in that article.

Very interesting question that makes me FLAILS over the top.

Who do you want to put on a kissing performance in 2012 MAMA? (Personally, i hope one of the We Got Married Couples do it (Lee Jang Woo and Eunjung or Lee Teuk and Kang Sora)!

I ♥ the writer ^^

But Ssory dear...  I purposefully strike out those couple she mentioned. 

Because I'm thinking of none other than uri OUTSTANDING WGM CP.


Oh yes,  
You know WHO.

Perhaps.... Shall we request THOSE TWO to take this as their 

What say you siblings? ^_^
Hohoho.... I like! 



And and


Segyero here, Segyero there, Segyero EVERYWHERE! ♥

As usual, I blog-walking, twit-stalking, forum-spamming... and I found this

credits @saru337 twitpic << do I need to introduce who's she? nayh..don't think so ^_^

and FLAILS like crazy. LOL

Seriously... Song Euni-shi's & Haha-shi's


. . .

well, my wild-fancy say


lol.  wohooo~~~ *cheers*





I really want to see the day when he sings this song to the one & only Hwangbo-unnie ♥

Look at the look in his eyes.

I can't think of anything else more logical than the possibility of HIM thinking about HWANGBUIN while singing this song.

I mean, seriously, just look at the lyrics;

I want to give everything of me.. if it were for you
So I can be the only one to breathe inside your heart

I want to have everything of you
As if you were another part of me

So that even your littlest sadness
I can feel it too

As I become more similar to you
I always smell fragrant
You're so beautiful, it brings tears to my eyes
It is only you alone

I am really thankful, I am happyThat you were given to me, until the end of the world
I will love you forever
I will never change, the way I am now

The way I am now...


You remember THAT emotional look on his face, don't you? (post-wgm interviews/show,whenever he was asked about Hwangbo, or especially like the one he shows during that LeeHyori-vs-Hwangbo match in Top-Ideal-type-WC)

This song doesn't became one of his long-time favorite for nothing. 
I believe there's a solid, very personal reason for why he paid special interest with this particular old ballad song (to the level willing to perform this pretty-mushy-lyric-packed-piece that was not even his)

His feeling seems deep, overflowing throughout the entire song.
It's visible enough for me to make my heart wrenched with lots of mixed emotions.

He was, SO REAL.

To quote a post from meme-unnie in SH;

If there is anyone who still doubts Hwangbo and KHJ's sincerity towards each other only needs to watch a few episodes of BOF.  Sorry but KHJ was stiff and uncomfortable.  He was mediocre at best. Alot of people were disappointed in his acting, not me though. I was glad he wasn't very good.  It proved to me that when he was with Hwangbo everything he felt was real and not acted.  Say what you want but their friendship was real, he was real, she was real, what they felt was real and there is always hope in that.

So true ♥

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Credits to original uploader in YT; TheAlienPrince  * arigatou gozaimashita~ ♥ *

No, I don't think so =)

Choi Hwa Jung-unnie, saranghae~ ♥

Do you know who's Choi Hwa Jung-unnie? If you watched the Housewarming epi, remember the guests from HB's party? The pretty outspoken one that gave some great advice to HB...

Yup, this lady =) Remember her? 
Btw, she also play "Representative Moon" in drama "The Greatest Love" (you know, the drama which they said is somewhat similar to Ssangchu-couple love stories...'they' say... uhuh)

As usual, I was googling around desperate to find any exciting news of uri couple...well, somehow the search led me to CHJ's radio show, where SS501 were the guests.  I believe from the date this has taken place late last year, 2010.

I think CHJ was probably asking "Out of work, have you ever feel lonely?".. Well, that kind of question...I was guessing since I didn't watch the first two parts of the talks (I just don't have the patient to wait for the loading to complete. hoho)..
Here are some stills of the interview. Check this out.  I'll let you spazz now... Enjoy =D

First off, this was uri Prince answering the question.

Aaa... Youngsaengi aa >.< *patpat*
Wow.. CHANCE!!  =D

Finally, HJ.
Read: OUR Hyunjoong.... *fufufu* =)
~special someone who could it be~ ♥

Then, "THE NAME" was mentioned.

Notice how suddenly that face seems to "beaming with serinity & happiness"?
especially when the name "HWANGBO" was mentioned...♥
♥ ♥ ♥

You should check the vids yourself to clarify my statement.  But seriously, you can see that same 'gentle-loving looking eyes' like when he was with Buin reappears here.

And I really appreciate the ever curious Hwa Jung-unnie when she asked this
on behalf of all anticipating Joongboers.. lol

Lol.  Kyu Jong's reaction here was priceless.. 
He spontaneously nods his head up & down few times, as if confirming
"Yup, that was the REAL HIM alright" =) 
How he reminds me much of "Island Hyunjoong", the Jeju Horse. lol

And note Hyunjoong's answer... he was actually referring to his FEELINGS... I think I've read somewhere that he said it's hard for him act normal in front of the girl he had feelings with.  So, being unable to express his true feelings eventually makes him behaving 'cold' or 'not being serious' with the girl.. Just how when he spent the first day off with Hwangbo.

Jeongmallo, gotta love CHJ-unnie for querying this too =)
Which is TRUE, if we recall the way he treat HB in Jeju on their honeymoon =)
WOW again! =D

And the onemilliondollar-worthy-question:

CHJ: Have you EVER been turned down before?

You READ that?!

 * cheeersss~! *

Jeongmal joh-ayo ♥ 
I think somehow that 'clears up' most of my doubts over the most-speculated BBQ-event in their farewell dinner... You know (despite all the great CSing which 'proves' Ssangchu are still together) some people said that HJ actually DID proposed/confessed his love to her that night, but unfortunately Buin rejected him.  Thus, the 'rejection' was seen as the major reason why the two have never been seen together again, & didn't even make any appearance in the same tv show after wgm..

So when he said "No, I don't think so" to me that implies ;
 - IF he DID ever confessed to HB during their bbq and got rejected, he wouldn't be giving this answer.  HJ is a well-known 4D, but he's not a great lier. At least not to an elder like CHJ.
- IF he EVER confessed to HB, say, before they make that beautiful "marriage contract" in their first night together, HB must've accepted the confession thus agreeing to make their special love-pledge.  Note that HJ said;

 ♥ ♥ ♥

Therefore, I would like to claim that,

You see...
They want us to think it was just a make-belief relationship since that was their 'responsibility' written on their work-contract.
But just between them, their love-pledge is their very own contract that PROVED they had sealed their heart together since that day one in Jeju.

When he replied "if she agrees, then it's a good thing. If not, I would probably go home",
this could also be the reason why he was SO CONFIDENT Buin would answer "I LOVE YOU" during their first fake farewell.....ohoh  =D

 ♥  Be Happy!  ♥ 

Note: I think some spazz have been done over this interview in soompi.. I don't actually remember what was that about (mianhe, rusty mind. lol).. Back then I didn't have the chance to watch the clip since it seems like all the links lead me to a "This video is no longer available" results... Thankfully, I found it again after all this time.  I guess, me finding the clip by chance is not a mere coincidence at all...  I'm seriously considering this as a 'destiny-revealing-itself' phenomenon... And I hope you do know what "DESTINY" I am talking about... hmm? *wink*

To The World! 
To The Universe!!

# # # # # # # #
But wait!!!
That's weird tho...

I thought he DID HAVE been rejected before....ONCE... Remember? 

Buin did openly REJECTS him once.

I mean
THIS "Buin"?


Mianhe ^_^

♥  SEGYERO! ♥  

He said what he needs to say

I'll share you MY favorite PROOF that shows HJ really LOVES Buin... Enjoy ^^


Ohoh... as expected from uri 4D idol. lol
Yah... He said it again... *cheers*
Genius Mal-Hyun Joong! =D
Ahah~ Gotta love that caption! ^^

Lol...4D jealousy?
Aigoo aigoo...just CONFIRM it yourself lah bro! >.<
I guessed Mal-HJ has more courage than him. lol
Yaaah~ This guy really helpless already...
Yeah~! That's how you're supposed to do it!! *high5!*
The now rank-1 idol, Kim Hyun Joong, was once dead jealous of a HORSE. lol

I hope you're content enough with the screencaps ^^ 
Just ignore my personal ramblings. haha...

But wait...that's not all. The next best thing...

We were really grateful to them too Buin.. Mal-HyunJoong, komawo~ :)
Yup! Totally... "dugun dugun" question ne unnie? ^^

Feel it with your heart-thing... uri typical Buin ^^

Hmm..... what do you say?

For me..I personally take that as a definite LOVE CONFESSION by Kim Hyun Joong.

My logic?  Simple.
Honestly, I never expect him to be romantic, but I do expect him to be 4D.  I always think HJ is being the 'real' HJ when he is being 4D... Thus, for me 4D shillang is the True shillang.  So a 4D-way of confession is the exactly the normal-way of confession you can expect from him.

He actually said what he needs to say from his heart ^^

Well... you don't agree with me? ^^

Like I care....bwahaha =D


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