He said it all ~

Alright :D

Taraa ~~

Seriously its awwwesome . ( I mean, the beautiful art .. O,O )

Its been more than a week ago since this
Shillang's Marry Me (maleversion) & Marry You (femaleversion) was out .

Sorry for not updating this blog ... tho we were all awake the night it was released .

15.12.11 00:00


tho we have been waiting from 11pm .. =.="
yes it was on Mnet but .... twas REALLY slow .
 KeyEast uploaded it on his YT channel at 12AM.

Know what happened ?
besides Some rats was happily running under our beds that night lol

Being so happy watching the MVs & reading the lyrics translation,
Our eyes were wet. :'D
Seriously were tearing .
Well happy tears ~ tsk tsk.

so We stayed awake from that 12AM till 3AM .
yeah lolling in Joongboland . ^^
weee ~

Well we just can't sleep when we're just too happy right ?
haha. okay okay its just us.

So here's something for everyone who's in the ship ! :D
well we only slept after we were done with this collage that night ~

2012 .... To The World ! ^O^
I M Possible ;)

Marry Me Yobo

Source: henecia.com
English translation: Stephanie (@5StarsAs1/ www.i-kpoplovers.blogspot.com)
Please leave the credits remain intact when repost. TQ! :)

This is Keyeast.

The releasing date for Kim HyunJoong's digital single album [Marry You/Marry Me] have been decided.

Digital single album [Marry Me/Marry Me] will be released in various online music sites on 15th of December at 00:00am KST.

1. Marry You
2. Marry Me
3. Marry You (Instrumental)
4. Marry Me (Instrumental)

[Marry Me] is the male version whereas [Marry You] is the female version. Aside for the lyrics, the guitar performance together with the song arrangement will be different.

Additionally, the music video consists of the digital single album tracks [Marry You] & [Marry Me]. Especially, the music video exudes a smooth sensation of the sand animation together with the pictures of happy moments spent that the fans had sent it to us will be revealed through Kim HyunJoong's official Youtube channel on 15th December midnight.

Despite the busy schedule after 'Lucky Guy' promotion on November, Kim HyunJoong have directly participated in the lyrics composition to show a better image for the fans. We hope to receive many supports and love for the specially prepared digital single [Marry You/Marry Me].

Thank you.

Alright Hyunjoong . And Hyejung.
Now we'll just sit down , patiently happily waiting *as a good joongbo-er* ,

for D'Day to come :P

2012 HWAITING !!

Kiss Kiss Mission 2012?

Okay.. First off, read this

Note: SSORY if those IMAGES makes you feel a bit uncomfortable  ^^

BUT.....that's not my major point here. Hoho.

I'm particularly highlighting the very last line in that article.

Very interesting question that makes me FLAILS over the top.

Who do you want to put on a kissing performance in 2012 MAMA? (Personally, i hope one of the We Got Married Couples do it (Lee Jang Woo and Eunjung or Lee Teuk and Kang Sora)!

I ♥ the writer ^^

But Ssory dear...  I purposefully strike out those couple she mentioned. 

Because I'm thinking of none other than uri OUTSTANDING WGM CP.


Oh yes,  
You know WHO.

Perhaps.... Shall we request THOSE TWO to take this as their 

What say you siblings? ^_^
Hohoho.... I like! 



And and


Segyero here, Segyero there, Segyero EVERYWHERE! ♥

As usual, I blog-walking, twit-stalking, forum-spamming... and I found this

credits @saru337 twitpic << do I need to introduce who's she? nayh..don't think so ^_^

and FLAILS like crazy. LOL

Seriously... Song Euni-shi's & Haha-shi's


. . .

well, my wild-fancy say


lol.  wohooo~~~ *cheers*





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