Kame desu!

Teehee ^^

First attempt...

Out of color paper.  This was Pizza Heart Hot Add-on fly-out. Keke.
Followed the instruction showed on the clip I posted before.  Turn out it's not as hard as I initially thought.
That should look better with proper use of color paper.  This fly-out paper a bit hard too.  Color paper should be fine.

Doing more tonight.  Another night shift, more times to fold this thing. Hehe.

Aja aja! Fighting!! p(^o^)q


Celebrity Joongboer

The list below is all based on my OWN assumption.
I myself can't guaranteed you how much this is true.  I wish I'm right ^^
So, this is MY first list of celebrity Joongboer;

1. Noh Hongchul

During that special WGM epi on CTP, I noticed how he seems overly excited whenever questions were thrown to Ssangchu couple.  You can see that anticipating looks on his face.  I love that curious looks^^ Ah, he asked good questions too... I like! hehe

2.  Eun Ji Won

One of HB's celeb friends.  I love their cool chemistry in Ohbama.  Personally love him in KBS 2Days 1Night.  And just like his mate Noh Hongchul, he asked good questions too during this CTP :D

Both Joongbo-ing in action^^

Noh Hongchul sure was entertained with HJ's 4D answer ^^  

 Curious Ji Won ^^

Like I said.
They always asked GOOD questions...huhu

3. Yoo Jae Seok & Kim Won Hee (CTP hosts)

Their approval of Ssangchu couple....  Already Joongboers in my eyes ^^

When both HJ & HB answered "YES"  to their question,

look at THAT happy expressions!! ^^

They listened to Shillang's reasons tentatively.

And the lady showing her concerned for HB.

When the HB-is-old-issue came up (from HJ's unsatisfied fans), both of them back her up, showing her their support.

Personally I've been a YJS's fan since the XMan days.  This is another good reason to keep being his fan. Hehe

So much more to add on the list.
I'll top up when got more time later if I'm not too lazy to do so ^^ See ya around. Take care~! 

I choose to believe

Shillang was always the one who said it out loud.  It's not cheesy and it doesn't feel cheesy at all when he did.  (btw the 2nd pic from top is my fave!!^^) Even the rest on set seems satisfied with his answers.

I chose to believe that he speaks of what he truly feels at that time....
Well...we knew he was telling the truth ^^

And Shillang simply being 4D.

Funny, the way he said it.
But I'm contented with his lil "confession".

And YESSSS!!! 

He DID see her as a WOMAN!
Teehee.. Made my day just by him being himself. 4D or not.  His honesty is JJANG! ^^

Leader vs Lawliet

* * * * *

Spot some very interesting similarities between my two fav character of all time: HJ & L (Death Note).

Just for fun. Enjoy~ ^^

 HJ versus L

That famous "squirting" pose

The 4D-stares
wow...X-factor stares *dies*

The smexy  squinting eyes

Green tea Vs Strawberries

L and the "Skull" thing
This one included 'cos we all know how much skull-related HJ is.. hehe

L's attempting SEGYERO pose?? (lol. I wish)
Credit to the original illustrator (profile on drawing).  I'm not that talented to do such fine art ^^  
*arigatou gozaimashita!*

This last thing I found by coincidence while googling DN. 

The Death Note sequel poster;
Change the world? ^^
If only LvK-san notice this & come up with a great wild fancy JB art for us... woohoo~! ^^

This is strictly  just for fun.  Please, don't brick me ^^

* * * * * *
Major source: Google image
Screenshots: by me.
Great illustrations: Various artist from various site (kamsahamnida! *bows*)

The bitter silence...

While watching them in each episode, my heart would never missed feeling warmth by their adorable interaction and understandable (very natural) show of emotion towards each other.

Times like these that ache my heart to see..

I'm pretty sure the "farewell" thing was haunting their mind & emotion at that moment.  The natural force of  thing we call "REAL LIFE" eventually getting stronger & we can see how much the situation pressing the two both physically and emotionally.  They both understand the condition & preparing themselves to face the bitter end that will surely come.

It hurts to witness deep silent moment like this...

And to see this look on uri ever-bright & vigorous Buin...

She looks tired & cheerless with that obviously awkward-smile she tried to show on that beautiful face...

I still wonder what's really playing on her mind in that bitter silence moment....

Our feelings are probably the same

(Yatta! I got one!)

He was talking about the expected separation day.

Spazz-worthy statement.


みんなさん こんにちわ~! ^^

Aah~ This wouldn't work, I should have known  (lol)
Planned to get some more fun screenshots to share here but ends up being stuck watching the whole episode.
Couldn't stop.  This is YABAI.
Haha.  Happened everytime. *sigh*

I'll do better next time ^^ 
Well, I can't help much anyway.

Joongbo is ADDICTION.

Ke ke.
Smile To The World! ^________^v

It's Joongbo day

Hi all~

Both me & Pyn have been missing in action for these few couple days..Pyn busy with her school & me busy with well, the daily routine, plus, the two days fever.  High fever sucks but great thing is, the sickness provided me efficient time to rest.  The rest that I need so much since the start of the year (been weirdly busy since day one).  

And today, as if to celebrate the day I'm back to my normal, healthy state, I learned that it has come to Joongbo 1000th day!!!


It doesn't matter if they're (really) not together now, we, the Joongboer, we still sail the ship until the historical day comes & clear up the truth.

Mutual attraction

There she said it.

We know how much this girl tried to reserve her feelings from overflowing... Her appearance may looks tough but we also know how much this make-believe relationship affected her emotionally.

Later she even confessed

A Song for Still Beautiful Winter

Fuyu No Uta (Winter Song)
 by Kiroro

Even at such a far away city it shall realise my dream
As the white, powdery snow falls it touches my heart
Winter song

With just an incidental breath
The swaying light looks as if it will extinguish
(In comparison) The stars glittering in the sky are living on more strongly
No matter how far apart we are
You, are just by my side
As we share the same belief on the same night
The gentle wind blows

Towards the open sky I stretch my hands high and wide
The white, powdery snow, gently touches my heart
Winter song

The dream that I was forgetting
Painted in the depth of my heart
Wishing to hear your voice I tried closing my eyes
It vaguely comes to my ears

A music box with snowscape
A single note that stopped by on the eyelashes echoes on

Even at such a far away city it shall realise my dream
As the white, powdery snow falls it touches my heart
Winter song

Towards the open sky I stretch my hands high and wide
The white, powdery snow, gently touches my heart
Winter song

Even at such a far away city 
It shall realise my dream
As the white, powdery snow falls 
It touches my heart
Winter song

Towards the open sky I stretch my hands high and wide
The white, powdery snow, gently touches my heart
Winter song

Even at such a far away city 
It shall realise my dream
As the white, powdery snow falls I deliver to you, winter song

It's a song that have been my favorite for almost 10years... Listening while reading the trans drifted my mind unconsciously way to Joongboland

Humble credits to:
Original Pic: HB's twit;   Lyric Trans: ongyj @jpopasia 
~ Kamsahamnida!

Guljo... where the story begins

One fine day, two years ago...

Nickname, for some it's not an important part in their life.  Insignificant.  Some even find it's a cheesy/childish stuff too.  Why? Personally, I think because nickname (given by someone, not picked by oneself) is something used to show affection towards the other person, in another way it shows the closeness among friends or lovers... My definition: Nickname is a public term used to freely show adoration between two people.  

That's why I used to hate things like "nickname", because just like HJ, once, I was a kid who dislike things too "mushy", public affection is a total no no for me...Ironically, I worked my brain hard enough to find one when I start my part-time duty as a "fangirl", officially 5yrs ago. lol

Thus, I take this part remarkably special in my own JBer-way.  He did confessed how he hates mushy-stuff, yet here he was the one who initiated the nickname-thing.  She then helped herself with suggesting the "walking tool" name, to which he seemingly approved with that tender smiling face... At that time I thought the idea would easily slipped off his busy+tired mind anytime soon, but their Everland episode proved me wrong - he did remember Buin's nickname when he changed it again to "Malbo" after the piggyback... In fact, that was one of the so many times he proved me wrong.  Just like HB said, although he may always  look blunt, he is actually a very detailed person.  He did remember almost everything HB said or done, surprisingly even the small things I wrongfully thought he wouldn't take them seriously.  Gladly, he did.  And I rejoice gleefully each time he did ^^

And this....

I'm ssorry for the fan who gave the gift, but I really wish the zipper go off soon (lol)... Doesn't matter if he fix it himself or he asks anyone else to fix it for him (of course I'll go crazyfranzy if he really did ask Hwang Buin to fix it! kyaa~).. what really matter for me is, will he remember or not? That once, he was able to live the "comfortable life", thanks to his loving, tough & funny, friend-like "Guljo".


We still believe.... To The World!!! v^o^v



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