He said it all ~

Alright :D

Taraa ~~

Seriously its awwwesome . ( I mean, the beautiful art .. O,O )

Its been more than a week ago since this
Shillang's Marry Me (maleversion) & Marry You (femaleversion) was out .

Sorry for not updating this blog ... tho we were all awake the night it was released .

15.12.11 00:00


tho we have been waiting from 11pm .. =.="
yes it was on Mnet but .... twas REALLY slow .
 KeyEast uploaded it on his YT channel at 12AM.

Know what happened ?
besides Some rats was happily running under our beds that night lol

Being so happy watching the MVs & reading the lyrics translation,
Our eyes were wet. :'D
Seriously were tearing .
Well happy tears ~ tsk tsk.

so We stayed awake from that 12AM till 3AM .
yeah lolling in Joongboland . ^^
weee ~

Well we just can't sleep when we're just too happy right ?
haha. okay okay its just us.

So here's something for everyone who's in the ship ! :D
well we only slept after we were done with this collage that night ~

2012 .... To The World ! ^O^
I M Possible ;)

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