The thing that matter.

[ Note: This post contains LOTS of screen-caps ]

I just love this episode. 
Well, to be honest, I just love ALL of their episode. LOL.

But as this is closed to their final farewell episode (it's their second last epi, & the last time they spent time together in that apartment), compare this to their Olympic farewell, there were more moments here that still hurt my heart to watch.

My all-time favorite moment in this episode;

I'm pretty sure Hwangbuin looked pleased & touched by his little confession.  Even if I'm wrong, I knew I was surprised & moved by his effort telling her that kind of stuff - He "opens up" to Buin willingly.  Well, you know normally you do this "revealing" things ONLY with someone you can put your trust on.  Considering that both HJ & HB are celebrities, for me this is BIG thing.  And to let your other half knew how sincere you trust them by telling something that personal while being well aware that it will be (most probably) broadcasted to the whole nation - without doubt this is the REAL BIG THING for him too.  

My personal thought, this is just another heart-throbbing-proof that by this time this guy has already developed special feelings for his Buin (just like what we ALL wished for) ^^


Here is one of reasons why I love this lady truly... Buin being herself.  Caring, loving & supportive without being too mushy.  In a way, it does feel awkward to see her talking emotionally serious like this, but her intentions washed away all awkward feelings I have inside.  Just like how previously HJ said something that moved HB, I believed this time HB also said something that moved HJ fairly.

How lovely.  See how both sincerely care about each other. I couldn't imagine how any person couldn't accept/hate this two people being together.  Till now, this part is still painful for me to watch. I knew by this moment, every time I watch this, tears already welling up in my eyes.

Nonetheless, the fact that my heart hurt this much spells out that the thing we watched were somewhat real at certain point.  Of course we can get easily touched by good acting in dramas or movies, but that was all on total different level with what we experience with this couple.  The depth of how much we're affected, you can't really tell merely by looking at the result of the poll...  Once you loved them, it is sketched there in your heart forever.   That's all that matter.

To the world: We STILL believe~ It's NOT IMPOSSIBLE!
Ssangchu & JBer all around the world - FIGHTING!!

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  1. 1st i saw this joongbo truely i don't like but when i watch every single episode i fall in love with sincere...i feel sad,cry, happy all of the feeling...i joongbo fan n SS501 fan ever



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