Hints or Confessions?

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Simple Love Talk
Good Man: Kim Hyun Joong

epop: Have you ever liked anyone when you were young?
HJ: When I was young, I liked to joke with girls, even bully them. For instance, I would draw a line in the middle of the desk and tell her, “Everything after this line belongs to me.”

epop: What’s your ideal type of girl?
HJ: I’m the type of person that falls in love at first sight. Her character is the first thing I pay attention to in a girl. I like active, natural girls that treat me like a chingu. If the girl is gorgeous, but is too polite in her speech, I lose my good impression of her.

epop: How do you confess to the girl you like?
HJ: At first I’ll keep my feelings to myself. After I get to know her, I’ll confess. If she rejects me, I’ll give up for sure.

=Translation for the following two Q&As might be inaccurate as magazine scan is unclear=

epop: Why do you give up on love easily?
HJ: If the girl has rejected me before, I would think she wouldn’t like me again in future. I would give up resolutely.

epop: If you have a girlfriend, how would you propose to her?
HJ: I won’t propose in a special way; I’ll just be straightforward with her. Compared to over-the-top proposals, I prefer a simple one. For example, I’ll dine and watch a movie with her. All these [experiences] are very valuable to me. But on her birthday or on Christmas day, I might do something special for her.

==End of unclear section==

epop: How do you think you would treat your wife?
HJ: No matter what, I’ll live harmoniously with my wife. Marriage is very sacred to me. When living together, a married couple will certainly go through all sorts of issues. Therefore, I’ll love my wife day by day and live blissfully with her.

epop: Do you cook well?
HJ: I know how to cook, but I’m not too good at it. Most of the time, I eat out than cook at home. I only cook when I’m home alone.

epop: What dishes do you cook best?
HJ: Gyudon (beef bowl), tonkatsu (pork cutlet) and katsudon (tonkatsu rice bowl). I learned them from a TV cooking program. From the get-go, I would jot down the recipes.

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