His Ideal Girl

Annyeong Joongboers!     *hugs*

First of all...... yorobun,

Sumimasen deshita!

Both Pyn & I have been seriously neglecting this place for a while... Mianhe m(_ _)m

Things happened in real-life which consumed most of the "missed" time we should've spent here (ah well...as usual, the "supposedly - logic" reason to blame for xD)

So, as to update this poorly-managed blog, allow me to post/re-post/share you some interesting info of uri favorite Shillang (anyway, I'm pretty sure most of these were already noted by HJ or Joongbo serious fans..hehe)

Without further ado, our topic of the day:

His Ideal Girl 

If you're an avid Hyun Joong followers, it's kinda logic if you knew by heart how he would answer question like "Who's your ideal girl?" - right?  So as you would expect,

Ever since his debut days - It has always been Lee Hyori.

Then, when asked to describe his ideal girl, the most (almost) consistent one we find was
"I like girls who are pretty, thoughtful, innocent and kind. Someone like a friend." 

For an interview with Hallyu Wave Magazine, his answer was;
"I’m the practical and strong-willed type. Will fall in love at first sight kind. If I like her, I won’t hide but will tell her instead. The girls I like is those cool type. One who could easily and relaxingly communicate with me, and who could also happily allow me to go drinking with my friends. That is my ideal type”.

Hmm... Just like you (oh yes! I knew you do, hohoho) you should know how over-the-moon I was consuming those answers! xD

And so when he added the descriptions with clearer details like this;
"My ideal woman is one with an oval-shaped face along with long and straight hair.  If she's innocent and sexy (naive but also possess sexiness), that would be even more attractive."

which fortunately  he visualized her by drawing & it turned out like this;

Amazingly, those description reminds me of....  *cough*Buin*cough*

I'm practically being bias, extremely... I'm rooting for JoongBO here, remember? xD


Some say, "Seeing is believing, you can't believe what you can't see".

While I personally don't 100% agree with that quote, exclusively for this case, I'll say -

I believe what I see!! ^^

So... To The World?

Danghyunaji!!   v(^-^)v

Apology notes: I'm ssorry if I failed to give credits appropriately.  Apart from the screencaps, the rest in this entry were stuff I came upon on sites I randomly google searching materials for this post.  I'll try credits all source where I found these stuff from, so if you find/think my credit was not proper or addressed wrongly, please, correct me & don't bash me.  My intention was not to do injustice to the original contributor, but to reminisce the joy we have for the good things they have shared with us all. Peace to the world! ^^v


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