Tough Beauty: General HB

First, sorry if this seems to have nothing related with Joongbo, other than the fact that uri Buin was in it.

I'm sharing this because, apart from the fact it was fun & hilarious to watch - in this clip, we can see cheerful, tough beauty Buin simply having fun with her close friends (whom I like to believe later also became celebJBers...hehe).

Also, if you're lucky enough, you might as well notice all those quality of Buin that might've steal the heart of that particular "someone", the one who have described himself as a person that "will fall in love at first sight kind" ^__^

p/s: all means, I'm asking your favor not to ask me anything about what show/what episode/when was it aired & etc about this clip... Honestly this was one of Buin's old clips that I've collected from so many various sites - & unfortunately I'm not blessed with great file-managing-skills, hence, I didn't even record the proper name of the show when I dload the clip from its source. Really really ssorry... Anyway, hope this clip can help brightens your day today... Peace To the World!! ^-^v

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