Because he kept giving answers like these, it's easy for us to conclude that he is actually being honest.  Famous with his random, funny & unexpected 4D-ness answers & action, he is also known as being a deep thinker.  Detailed person as Buin has 'discovered'.  He doesn't fancy mushy things, yet his action/words almost mushy-packed things whenever he was with Buin. He himself admitted when he is with someone he like, he find it hard to contain his true feelings (which I understood through his actions and words)
You get what I mean?  ^^


Chest felt heavy.  Tongue goes speechless.  Mind goes blank.  Eyes become teary.
Till today, I still have hard time watching this moments.

Like I've said many times before, I strongly feel their relationship was not merely a made-believe chemistry.. Both HJ & HB gave us too many hints & unexpected loving acts that I couldn't just accept as 'a show for tv', especially HJ.

How I wish the truth will be revealed soon.  Yes, I know.. we ALL wish the same thing ^_^

3 years, the hope never fade.
3 years, the faith keeps growing.
3 years, we still believe.
3 years, JBers Fighting!

SEGYERO! v^__^v

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