You can run, but you can't hide...

I was fb-ing a lil' while ago when suddenly a wave of Joongbo memories overwhelmed me in seconds..

It happened when I enjoyed viewing my ex-schoolmate's wedding pics... I'm not sure if BA(my friend) or his wife ever watched WGM or not, especially Joongbo's... Looking at their set of wedding pics, I kept going "Omo...this is SO Joongbo!!"

I immediately realized my head was spinning fast, recalling each memorable moment on that 100th day special photoshoot...

BA's photos were not that identical to Joongbo (of course, logically), but I can see the theme was very similar... remember the shot where they had lunch outside with sis Boram? That was it... the background was almost similar...Reality check, these pics were taken in a land thousands miles away from the original photoshoot of uri Ssangchu's.. yet, I can vividly recall the scenes, and even the sweet talks they had during the filming... Funny thing, my sis had her wedding 4months ago & I can't even recall what her special day was like as good as I remember Joongbo's, lol.

Once you 'met' Joongbo, you'll never be able to completely forget them.. At times, they will 'haunt' you with memories that will makes your day feels so great.. Sometimes, they even 'visits' you in your dream.. At some point, you can't even think straight...Worse when you have such high hopes you start to imagine things, and so they said you're being 'delusional'... 
Lol. but Yes, seriously Yes...

I did 'try to save myself' from that unsettled feelings.. Sometime that makes you feel to say... helpless? The waiting is so killing me.....You know what I mean..

And so for the Nth-time, I realized.. Possibly even without all the speculations, proofs & amazing csi-ing we have came upon...Based entirely on the BIG "impact" they put us through even years after the filming ends, I must say that..... Joongbo is surely for REAL.

It's as simple as that.
That's why I'm saying; You can run but you can't hide.. 

I still love Joongbo till this day, & surely I still miss them so much.

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