4D Buin?

Ahah... I like the 'news' ^^

So the doctor admits she's somewhat having 4D-personalities. Interesting.
Uri unnie's condition was diagnosed as "right above the wall between normal and abnormal".

Not that I'm taking that as a bad thing for her.  Well, as a matter of fact, 4D is not that 'alien' for us anymore, right? ^^ I believe WE Joongboers can celebrate that unique 'similarities' of uri favorite HJs now. huhu.

That brings me back to what Baby said during the blind date epi...

And we all happily agree with him  =)

For now...
Unnie, be healthy! 
If you ever feel disheartened by that statement, don't worry....

4D or not, you know we will always LOVE YOU....... BOTH!!! =D


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