No, I don't think so =)

Choi Hwa Jung-unnie, saranghae~ ♥

Do you know who's Choi Hwa Jung-unnie? If you watched the Housewarming epi, remember the guests from HB's party? The pretty outspoken one that gave some great advice to HB...

Yup, this lady =) Remember her? 
Btw, she also play "Representative Moon" in drama "The Greatest Love" (you know, the drama which they said is somewhat similar to Ssangchu-couple love stories...'they' say... uhuh)

As usual, I was googling around desperate to find any exciting news of uri couple...well, somehow the search led me to CHJ's radio show, where SS501 were the guests.  I believe from the date this has taken place late last year, 2010.

I think CHJ was probably asking "Out of work, have you ever feel lonely?".. Well, that kind of question...I was guessing since I didn't watch the first two parts of the talks (I just don't have the patient to wait for the loading to complete. hoho)..
Here are some stills of the interview. Check this out.  I'll let you spazz now... Enjoy =D

First off, this was uri Prince answering the question.

Aaa... Youngsaengi aa >.< *patpat*
Wow.. CHANCE!!  =D

Finally, HJ.
Read: OUR Hyunjoong.... *fufufu* =)
~special someone who could it be~ ♥

Then, "THE NAME" was mentioned.

Notice how suddenly that face seems to "beaming with serinity & happiness"?
especially when the name "HWANGBO" was mentioned...♥
♥ ♥ ♥

You should check the vids yourself to clarify my statement.  But seriously, you can see that same 'gentle-loving looking eyes' like when he was with Buin reappears here.

And I really appreciate the ever curious Hwa Jung-unnie when she asked this
on behalf of all anticipating Joongboers.. lol

Lol.  Kyu Jong's reaction here was priceless.. 
He spontaneously nods his head up & down few times, as if confirming
"Yup, that was the REAL HIM alright" =) 
How he reminds me much of "Island Hyunjoong", the Jeju Horse. lol

And note Hyunjoong's answer... he was actually referring to his FEELINGS... I think I've read somewhere that he said it's hard for him act normal in front of the girl he had feelings with.  So, being unable to express his true feelings eventually makes him behaving 'cold' or 'not being serious' with the girl.. Just how when he spent the first day off with Hwangbo.

Jeongmallo, gotta love CHJ-unnie for querying this too =)
Which is TRUE, if we recall the way he treat HB in Jeju on their honeymoon =)
WOW again! =D

And the onemilliondollar-worthy-question:

CHJ: Have you EVER been turned down before?

You READ that?!

 * cheeersss~! *

Jeongmal joh-ayo ♥ 
I think somehow that 'clears up' most of my doubts over the most-speculated BBQ-event in their farewell dinner... You know (despite all the great CSing which 'proves' Ssangchu are still together) some people said that HJ actually DID proposed/confessed his love to her that night, but unfortunately Buin rejected him.  Thus, the 'rejection' was seen as the major reason why the two have never been seen together again, & didn't even make any appearance in the same tv show after wgm..

So when he said "No, I don't think so" to me that implies ;
 - IF he DID ever confessed to HB during their bbq and got rejected, he wouldn't be giving this answer.  HJ is a well-known 4D, but he's not a great lier. At least not to an elder like CHJ.
- IF he EVER confessed to HB, say, before they make that beautiful "marriage contract" in their first night together, HB must've accepted the confession thus agreeing to make their special love-pledge.  Note that HJ said;

 ♥ ♥ ♥

Therefore, I would like to claim that,

You see...
They want us to think it was just a make-belief relationship since that was their 'responsibility' written on their work-contract.
But just between them, their love-pledge is their very own contract that PROVED they had sealed their heart together since that day one in Jeju.

When he replied "if she agrees, then it's a good thing. If not, I would probably go home",
this could also be the reason why he was SO CONFIDENT Buin would answer "I LOVE YOU" during their first fake farewell.....ohoh  =D

 ♥  Be Happy!  ♥ 

Note: I think some spazz have been done over this interview in soompi.. I don't actually remember what was that about (mianhe, rusty mind. lol).. Back then I didn't have the chance to watch the clip since it seems like all the links lead me to a "This video is no longer available" results... Thankfully, I found it again after all this time.  I guess, me finding the clip by chance is not a mere coincidence at all...  I'm seriously considering this as a 'destiny-revealing-itself' phenomenon... And I hope you do know what "DESTINY" I am talking about... hmm? *wink*

To The World! 
To The Universe!!

# # # # # # # #
But wait!!!
That's weird tho...

I thought he DID HAVE been rejected before....ONCE... Remember? 

Buin did openly REJECTS him once.

I mean
THIS "Buin"?


Mianhe ^_^

♥  SEGYERO! ♥  

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  1. the funny thing is kyu jong reaction...hyun joong can't stop smilling...unnie question hard to answering...but if really we like someone we also can smile when other people say his/her name...right???



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