I really want to see the day when he sings this song to the one & only Hwangbo-unnie ♥

Look at the look in his eyes.

I can't think of anything else more logical than the possibility of HIM thinking about HWANGBUIN while singing this song.

I mean, seriously, just look at the lyrics;

I want to give everything of me.. if it were for you
So I can be the only one to breathe inside your heart

I want to have everything of you
As if you were another part of me

So that even your littlest sadness
I can feel it too

As I become more similar to you
I always smell fragrant
You're so beautiful, it brings tears to my eyes
It is only you alone

I am really thankful, I am happyThat you were given to me, until the end of the world
I will love you forever
I will never change, the way I am now

The way I am now...


You remember THAT emotional look on his face, don't you? (post-wgm interviews/show,whenever he was asked about Hwangbo, or especially like the one he shows during that LeeHyori-vs-Hwangbo match in Top-Ideal-type-WC)

This song doesn't became one of his long-time favorite for nothing. 
I believe there's a solid, very personal reason for why he paid special interest with this particular old ballad song (to the level willing to perform this pretty-mushy-lyric-packed-piece that was not even his)

His feeling seems deep, overflowing throughout the entire song.
It's visible enough for me to make my heart wrenched with lots of mixed emotions.

He was, SO REAL.

To quote a post from meme-unnie in SH;

If there is anyone who still doubts Hwangbo and KHJ's sincerity towards each other only needs to watch a few episodes of BOF.  Sorry but KHJ was stiff and uncomfortable.  He was mediocre at best. Alot of people were disappointed in his acting, not me though. I was glad he wasn't very good.  It proved to me that when he was with Hwangbo everything he felt was real and not acted.  Say what you want but their friendship was real, he was real, she was real, what they felt was real and there is always hope in that.

So true ♥

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Credits to original uploader in YT; TheAlienPrince  * arigatou gozaimashita~ ♥ *

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