His Number. His Manga.

As usual, whenever I don't find the interest to sit in front of TV at nights, I'll be stuck in my room doing my other favorite stuff; either playing Sudoku, surfing, watch online dramas/movies, sewing, or mostly since Dec last year, have my own rerun of Joongbo's wgm ^^

And tonight, I watched the first epi again (for the Nth-time.lol).  I did planned to screencap some scenes I'm going to spazz on, but the first pic here is definitely something I just realized today. Couldn't believed I never noticed it (at all) while watching this episode many times before.

Here's the first one.

I'm pretty sure you know which part this is from.  

My point is, it's HIS number, ON Buin >>  06

I say that was definitely Hyun Joong's number. No?  Well, even IF it's not his favorite, it's still a number somewhat significant to him.  And eversince becoming a HJ's fan, that number "06" always remind me of him.

As we all (supposedly) know, it's his birthdate number >> 06.06

This is not a big deal anyway, but for me, I love my birthdate number. That's 9 & 4..keke
That's why when I spot that number on her cap just now, I got excited. LOL.

(Joongboers really have simple/easy way to content themselves when fancy-ing over the couple's coincidences eh? huhu)

And then, I just realized again.

Hyun Joong on his first honeymoon, styled with very much likely similar to his favorite manga lead character of One Piece.  And I dare bet, it's One Piece manga he stuffed in that black plastic bag. lol.

This is their first ep on the show.  The first few hours together.
I really should've seen it sooner.
Despite her rough & cool character, she still got this cute side of her.  Of course we 'discover' the much more feminine side of her later during the show, but here, I should've realized that she already displayed her cuteness with lil' effort like this ( I sincerely believe she wore that cap intentionally, clearly knowing that number is very much related to Shillang^^)

And why I love HJ more during this scene? HJ being HJ.
HJ was doing what he feels like what to do.  He was being comfortable being himself around Buin.  And as we learned from the show, to show his comfortableness around much elder people he was not closed too - it's a tough job for this guy. lol. 

It's simple happenings like this that makes us want to believe until today.
The hope & wish may be swayed away at times, but we still on board.

We still & will keep on believing.

JBers all around the world, FIGHTING!

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