Celebrity Joongboer

The list below is all based on my OWN assumption.
I myself can't guaranteed you how much this is true.  I wish I'm right ^^
So, this is MY first list of celebrity Joongboer;

1. Noh Hongchul

During that special WGM epi on CTP, I noticed how he seems overly excited whenever questions were thrown to Ssangchu couple.  You can see that anticipating looks on his face.  I love that curious looks^^ Ah, he asked good questions too... I like! hehe

2.  Eun Ji Won

One of HB's celeb friends.  I love their cool chemistry in Ohbama.  Personally love him in KBS 2Days 1Night.  And just like his mate Noh Hongchul, he asked good questions too during this CTP :D

Both Joongbo-ing in action^^

Noh Hongchul sure was entertained with HJ's 4D answer ^^  

 Curious Ji Won ^^

Like I said.
They always asked GOOD questions...huhu

3. Yoo Jae Seok & Kim Won Hee (CTP hosts)

Their approval of Ssangchu couple....  Already Joongboers in my eyes ^^

When both HJ & HB answered "YES"  to their question,

look at THAT happy expressions!! ^^

They listened to Shillang's reasons tentatively.

And the lady showing her concerned for HB.

When the HB-is-old-issue came up (from HJ's unsatisfied fans), both of them back her up, showing her their support.

Personally I've been a YJS's fan since the XMan days.  This is another good reason to keep being his fan. Hehe

So much more to add on the list.
I'll top up when got more time later if I'm not too lazy to do so ^^ See ya around. Take care~! 


  1. can you please tell me what programs are these from? i would really love to watch the interviews of them! thank you! ^.^

  2. @droplets
    It's from another show called "Come To Play" (CTP) - they invite couples from WGM season 1 as guest for their WGM Special episodes. If I'm not mistaken they have WGM Special Part 1 & Part 2...the ones I captured above was from Part 2 where they play the YES/NO game^^

    I recommend you to check out the "Episodes" page on Ssangchu Heaven's blog (I bet that sounds familiar?^^)
    She did incredibly great job sharing/uploading WGM cuts & good news for you - you can find CTP on the list too! ^^

    Good luck searching & have a great time watching!^^
    Segyero, Fighting!



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