The lion, the camera & the star

[Note: This is a long, pic-based entry, be warned that this post have lots of pics-loading that may slow down your  other surfing progress]

I'm pretty sure this is not something new for most avid Joongboers. 
Let's see how this & that relates & spazz-up my brain, my own way^^

I meant to do this long time ago, but the idea kept slipping off my rusty mind, ssorry~

Okay, my main topic of today;'s unnie's minihompy. 
See where I'm heading to?

As expected, JBers are exceptionally good at their wild-fancying all the hints *thumbsup*
Now, I'm going to break those spazz-topic into more detail points, my way, so that you & I will get clearer view of what I'm trying to relay in this post (lol. seriously, I have trouble to understand my own writing most of the time.haha)

#1. The lion, the camera & the star

See those icon on her minihompy?  It's been there eversince I first visited her page.  That means, 4months ago.  They are there till today.  Everytime I went to check her cyworld, those significant little icons will make me smile happily^^

So how do they became significant to me?

>> The lion
Call me cheesy or sentimental.  When I heard those line for the 1st time, I blushed. lol

>> The camera
Obviously, they both love camera.  To be exact, they love capturing memorable moments with camera ♥ I love the fact that HJ was the one who initiate taking that family photo with Jins.  And even came up with the vidcam idea for his star mission during that farewell night.  

Aah... how I love to see those happy moments again >.<

#1. The star
I don't have to explain why this is significant, do I? ^^


#2. The beach, the star & the dog

Honestly I myself not sure if that was a snow-covered beach or a lake.  My biased-spazzing-brain love to think that's a snow-covered beach. hoho

>> Beach + Ssangchu = 
I know there's a lot more beautiful-beach-scene to add up there, but I'll do just this two. Ssorry^^

I fear I'll end with staying up till dawn going through all the eps again.  You know how dangerously addictive watching the show can be..

>> The blinking stars
Need I say more on this? ^_~

>> The dog
All I can think of is; I knew the fact that both HJ & HB love dogs. That's common for most people.  But to me, if it's about Joongbo, that small connection is a BIG, significant relation for me ^^

I guess that's all for now...  My conclusion?
= = = = = = = = = =  = = = = = = = = = = = =

Because of those little things shown on her minihompy, I still chose to believe.
Even it was merely a coincidence, I chose to believe they're there on her homepage for certain purpose.

And my wild fancying heart love to believe, possible reasons supporting the purpose are..

  • to keep us wishing them to have a happy ending together 
  • to keep us believing that their once-make-believe relationship will someday become a true-reality relationship
  • to make us Jbers happy with all those cute JoongBo-ish hints^^

 Ssangchu, Fighting!!
Joongboers, Fighting!!
To The World!!

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