The unforgettable Weird couple

Another pic-based entry. Ssorry to trouble you^^
You know which epi this was from >> Buin's surprise visit to Japan. 
One of the much-spazz-worthy episode, my favorite^^

Well, what can I say?  My own two cents;

He actually had that idea of being together with her till OLD days...forever, Shillang? XD

I love to think, that those words really came from his inner heart.. I bet Buin was happy, you knew how sensitive she is with little remarks like that, especially from Shillang

She hate mushy stuff, & always tried to act more mature around him for the sake of the marriage...but she always couldn't resist back to childish-ing herself whenever Shillang was around..cute~ ♥

I don't know how to explain this well... Notice where she rest her hand cozily? Teehee~ *happy*

One of their unforgettable nicknames was the "Awkward Couple", but this scene vibe out totally opposite aura.
Naturally, both were able to express their built-in-playful character.  Obviously comfortable doing those "silly" things together.  I'm not sure with others, but I would certainly never do this much if I'm still awkward with my partner.. Do you? ^^



I thank the PD for inserting this part...Because of this, I'm able to open my heart to our Prince, Youngsaengi ^^
Honestly, at first I was slightly hurt by his reaction when he didn't seem that excited at the sight of Buin (lol)...Thanks to this very short, almost missed scene, I felt relieved.. YS dear, now I believe you have your own way to show your approval, just like my fav-brother-in-law Mal-omma ♥

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A lil' confession to make: 
Actually I have troubles finishing this post. Ssorry.  Screencapped too much now  I've lost my original idea what to spazz on here. Lol. And since it's almost 3:00a.m., I guess I should wrap it up for now... Anyway, hope this entry bring smiles to your face & brighten your days a bit^^

Till then, yorobun...



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