Yorobun~ FIGHTING~!!

I guess fellow JBers must have been alerted with the new poll runs on Yahoo...If you haven't, check it here
Thanks to @naomz5ive at twitter for reminding us about the vote~!^^

If you go to the link given above, you will be redirected to the voting page that look like this;

Can you spot our favorite couple on the list up there?^^

It's in Korean, but I'm pretty sure most of us have little trouble to figure out what's the poll is about^^

Google direct translation:
We Got Married couples best?
Former 'Just Married' best couple?

It seems that we can only vote once at a time, as usual... I'm not sure if there's any option that enable us to vote more... After you vote, latest result would appear immediately like this;

This is the latest status after I cast a vote earlier... You can see that familiar Ssangchu pic on the third thumbnail.. Note that the pic was not arranged according to total votes each couple gained, so don't worry... I myself felt slightly discouraged at first when I saw other couple's pic on top of the list, but later realized that my disappointment was totally pointless. Lol.

So, as you can check out yourself from the pic above, so far, we're still doing good~! ^^

Yorobun, let's keep on voting!
JBers, Fighting! p(^o^)q


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