I love You

Cut some clips from their first farewell night.. just want to share something that might cheer you up a bit.  Enjoy~^^

[Note: This is pretty long + heavy post.... Ssorry.... You knew I couldn't help myself when I spazz XD]
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Clip#1:  Pretty-heart Buin
Proof of how kindhearted this lady is... At the end of the clip, noticed how his expression changed when he heard those concern words?  It was short but still it caught my eyes... it's touching to see how much she cares about her husband, and it's more touching to see how he was affected by her that way.

Clip#2:  Pretty Buin is Happy :)
Lol.. this still bring smiles on my face every time I watch it^^ Seriously I was happy for her too... It's not an everyday thing that you could be able to hear something nice like that from your husband's friend... Shillang really has good mannered friends :)  And LOL at that blunt reply at the end XD

Clip#3:  Cute Fight Part 1
Hahaha... that shocked face is jjang! XD Poor Shillang... he didn't seem to expect that reaction from his cool Buin...I bet his friend must've felt a bit guilty if he watched this on TV...huhu, that must be very interesting to see :)

Clip#4: Cute Fight Part 2
Gotta love that competitive streak!! For me, that only shows how much they love to spend time together.. You two couldn't stand being separated for too long, huh?  ^_~

Clip#5: Smart Shillang :)
Classic punk'd!  A perfect hit as Buin was quite slow to catch his original intention. Lol. He got the couch & he got to make her smiles again! Shillang, bravo! :D

Clip#6: Cool Buin
 Buin is Cool... and we know how proud Shillang is to have such Cool Buin :)

Clip#7:   The ring
I knew the "drunk" part was funny, but also it makes me thinking... Why does he have to joke about the ring? .... As HB herself had approved, we know HJ is a detailed person... means he actually pays attention to almost every little thing said to him...  Thus, I don't believe he did that just to lighten up the mood (since Buin repeated the same thing about the ring just like their first-time dinner in Jeju).... Does he actually feel bad for not fulfilling her honeymoon dream when he had the chance before that farewell came? ... And since we have lots of spazz over the SCR and still wonders about their missing cuts of that Jeju dinner, this scene only makes me want to believe all those speculations are true^^  ... I repeat; he is a very detailed person.. you & I can count on it & keep  our wish stronger^_^ 

Clip#8:  The farewell toast
The way Buin turned away during the toast,  all I can interpret is, at this stage, she already has a sense of RESPECT for the man sitting in front of her... not as an elder guy (he's not), but she was actually acknowledging  him as her husband now - a figure a wife should have their respect to....... What do you think? :)

Clip#9: Have a good life
They both really treasure the memories of their married life together... When Buin said "Have a good life" with that smiling face, I can feel the sadness suppressed in her tone, it bring tears to my eyes >.<

Clip#10:  Don't hate Oppa :)
Lol.  His wittiness is always jjang! As expected from an idol leader^^

Clip#11:  The legendary POPO
^_____^ ...Happy moments need no descriptions...^_____^

Clip#12:  I LOVE YOU
This is too much to spazz about I don't know where to start :p  One thing I'm sure; 
The emotional bonding between them is undeniably mutual

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To cut those clips weren't as easy as I thought.  Had to refrain myself from taking all scenes & put them here altogether in full episode >.<  As you can see, Ssangchu couple gave us almost perfect "acting" to keep us entertained throughout the show, even with their awkwardness towards each other :)

I'll never get tired watching them again & again.  Even if it's just a make-believe, they've given us enough factors to believe that they were able to complete each other in many ways in their life.  And whoever watching the show would easily fall for them since it's hard to find any reason to hate this awkwardly-most-believed cute couple^^

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We still wish to see them together in the near future..  I wish that grandma they visited at the farm is doing fine & hope she still remembers the promise Shillang made to her on that special night...

Glad that he was the one making that promise to halmuni... I don't think he said those words unintentionally just to please her.. He's a good grandson to his own late grandma... Whether I'm wrong or not, that's how I want to believe it ^^ Halmuni, be healthy~ Stay strong so that your  grandchildren Ssangchu can fulfilled their promise to you & make our dreams came true...Halmuni, fighting! ^^

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Again, ssorry for the heavy-thus-not-so-loading-friendly entries.... Hope you've enjoyed the clips & thanks for your time reading my babblings^^  

Till then, have a great week, SEGYERO~!!


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