He said what he needs to say

I'll share you MY favorite PROOF that shows HJ really LOVES Buin... Enjoy ^^


Ohoh... as expected from uri 4D idol. lol
Yah... He said it again... *cheers*
Genius Mal-Hyun Joong! =D
Ahah~ Gotta love that caption! ^^

Lol...4D jealousy?
Aigoo aigoo...just CONFIRM it yourself lah bro! >.<
I guessed Mal-HJ has more courage than him. lol
Yaaah~ This guy really helpless already...
Yeah~! That's how you're supposed to do it!! *high5!*
The now rank-1 idol, Kim Hyun Joong, was once dead jealous of a HORSE. lol

I hope you're content enough with the screencaps ^^ 
Just ignore my personal ramblings. haha...

But wait...that's not all. The next best thing...

We were really grateful to them too Buin.. Mal-HyunJoong, komawo~ :)
Yup! Totally... "dugun dugun" question ne unnie? ^^

Feel it with your heart-thing... uri typical Buin ^^

Hmm..... what do you say?

For me..I personally take that as a definite LOVE CONFESSION by Kim Hyun Joong.

My logic?  Simple.
Honestly, I never expect him to be romantic, but I do expect him to be 4D.  I always think HJ is being the 'real' HJ when he is being 4D... Thus, for me 4D shillang is the True shillang.  So a 4D-way of confession is the exactly the normal-way of confession you can expect from him.

He actually said what he needs to say from his heart ^^

Well... you don't agree with me? ^^

Like I care....bwahaha =D

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  1. for me hyun joong 4D is very honest..like the way he confession his love...



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