What pepero means to me

My entire life before Joongbo days, Pepero or any chocolate sticks meant NOTHING to me.
But now it has changed, just like many other ordinary things in my life that has changed after Joongbo (i.e. lettuce, mission, dragonflies, Olympics, peanuts, beaches, STARS, theme park, etc.).

Because of Joongbo, pepero today will make me have this silly grin on my face whenever I saw them on rack in the supermarket.  lol.

True, the pepero game they won during the Chuseok Special was significant.  I believe it is true for all happy JBers ^^

But the most significant pepero moments for me was not the game, but during their blunt conversation in the first farewell epi. No actual pepero was involved, but still, it left a huge-pepero effect on me. hohoho.



Shillang really surprised us there. 
HJ was actually saying "Should we use pork instead of a pepero?" lol

We can see how surprised + happy Buin was.

And I was surprised with Buin's answer too.


This kiss + pepero talks made me realized again for the Nth time that uri Ssangchu couple is the best 4D-couple I've ever known in my life ^^

4D Awkward Ssangchu couple - SEGYERO!!!

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