That gestures...

This from the Ant Tour episodes.. Right after they both done with the massage.
The scene was shot from quite distance, & a very quick one too..but those simple gestures from him didn't failed to capture my eyes >.<  

Ssangchu-massage-session was done...

She bent down a bit (to pick something?)
He seemed to notice her movement

 Were you concerned, Shillang? ^^

Notice the direction of his right hand there? huhu

Now, check where his right hand comfortably "landed" itself ^_^


That gestures, it was natural, right?
But because I naturally love to spazz over little things like this... that simple & natural gesture of him really makes my day as a normal JBer ^^

 = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

(The post above posted this morning. The post below, really took me half day to recall & ADD ON what I really want to say in the first place. LOL)

Why that simple gesture bothered me so much?

1. It's not like she was falling/tripping herself on the sofa that he needs to hold her hand for, if he needs to rest his hand down, there was so much more space besides him, other than ON HER HAND =D

2. The massage session was done, she even said so, before bending down (to pick something on the floor I guess?), so why did he grip her hand like that? Part of me saying; it seems like he was actually planning to massage her a little bit more.. but stopped half way when she said "That's done", and the other part of me says;

3. ...Was he unconsciously showing his reluctance of letting her go? Maybe he was thinking that she might leave his side, so he holds her like that to ensure she stay close to him?? 

Lol. I should stop over-analyzing now. >.< 

Teehee... that was my spazzbrain @ work... I like~!! hahaha

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