I'll claimed this as my first NY gift.



This really giddy me up. I think there should be a celebration on the ship tonight! lol

HB's original twit on Twitter;

사랑하는거랑 이별하는거랑 둘중 뭐가 더 아플것같나여? 몇일전부터 계속 궁금해가지구...
[trans; thx LvK!]
I have been curious for few days…which one hurts the most...being in love or ending the love...

The following came from fellow JBers @SH ^^
Thanks to LvK for mentioning, pippy for the original twit & Justin for the awesome trans (as always) ^^

LvK: @Justin...HB manager tweeted back to more in depth on this subject. You are so much better with translation...can you help us ? Pretty please with cherry on top^^

Justin: @Lvk. I don't see his twitty message. If you see it post here please.

pippy: 사랑하고싶은데 사랑할수없는거... 이별하고싶은데 이별하수없는거... 둘다 경험할수없는거... 두가지 경험모두 사치라고 그껴지는거... 둘다 해보고싶어도 해볼수없는거... 지금...
pippy: lol, curious too

Justin: Want to love, but cannot love...want to separate, but cannot separate...Both of them cannot experiences...Feeling that is luxury both experiences...Want to do both, but cannot do both...now...

^________^  *teeeheeheee*

What excites me the most? Should say the whole twit (lol) but one point that really sent goosebumps all over me in split seconds;

...want to separate, but cannot separate...

weeeeehihihihihihihi    *rollsonground*

I let you interpret that any way you like. Have pleasure spazzing!! ^^

LvK: One thing i don't get it is...twice HB manager tweeted back to HB & delete right away...mystery hmmmm

Had to agree with LvK...mm, till now, their real status of 'relationship' is still a BIG mystery. 
Big hints, small hints... both have been contributed lots of them within this 2 years.  And everytime those CSI cases appears, we all board the ship & celebrate the news.  
Cool JBers all around the world. You guys are JJANG!! ^^


Possibly they twits  were on something absolutely unrelated to what we spazzed on^^  Let it be... This the ship that have been "occupied" by all JB-shipper all around the world for two solid years already...And we'll keep on sailing till the day of truth comes~~ JBer fighting!! 


S/N: Wish someday we can finally say...

"Mystery is history!" 

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