Leader vs Lawliet

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Spot some very interesting similarities between my two fav character of all time: HJ & L (Death Note).

Just for fun. Enjoy~ ^^

 HJ versus L

That famous "squirting" pose

The 4D-stares
wow...X-factor stares *dies*

The smexy  squinting eyes

Green tea Vs Strawberries

L and the "Skull" thing
This one included 'cos we all know how much skull-related HJ is.. hehe

L's attempting SEGYERO pose?? (lol. I wish)
Credit to the original illustrator (profile on drawing).  I'm not that talented to do such fine art ^^  
*arigatou gozaimashita!*

This last thing I found by coincidence while googling DN. 

The Death Note sequel poster;
Change the world? ^^
If only LvK-san notice this & come up with a great wild fancy JB art for us... woohoo~! ^^

This is strictly  just for fun.  Please, don't brick me ^^

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Major source: Google image
Screenshots: by me.
Great illustrations: Various artist from various site (kamsahamnida! *bows*)

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