Mutual attraction

There she said it.

We know how much this girl tried to reserve her feelings from overflowing... Her appearance may looks tough but we also know how much this make-believe relationship affected her emotionally.

Later she even confessed
how she would start thinking of her "husband" even before her own mother.. You wouldn't keep remembering someone that much, consistently, unless they are someone significant in your life, especially someone who is very dear to your heart... in certain cases, it could also be someone you hold grunge onto so much (which clearly doesn't apply in this case. lol)

They both really don't have to say those three word to show how much the "bonding" have tight them together.  Mushy words are really not their style, we all know that ^^  (Even though at certain occasion, the I-hate-mushy-thing-Shillang did actually goes "mushymushy" when Buin was around. lol. I loikee~haha)

It may be just for a TV show.. but we're certainly not that stupid, neither do we have to be super-smart to see through all that.

A whole lot YES.

MUTUAL ATTRACTION between the two is REAL.

No doubt.

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