Sharing is Loving ^^

Here's my first bunch of GIF-thing I "managed-to-try" late Dec last year... not that great, tried my best to capture all the "memorable-spazz-moments" I planned to show from each piece.. enjoy~^^

 Jealous Shillang?? =D

Cucumber aegyo~!

HB: Ahh~~~ I'm going crazy
HJ: What're you doing? 
You're like an ahjumma (middle aged woman)! (lol)

Event couple working well together (Perfect chemistry!! ^^)

Aww... I wish to see them MC-ing Music Bank or Strong Heart or Dream Team... just anything I can watch on KBS TV~!!! [sob... it's the only channel in this house that totally show K-entertainment 24/7 with good eng. sub (except for the LIVE show)...what a pity~ TT_TT]

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