It's Joongbo day

Hi all~

Both me & Pyn have been missing in action for these few couple days..Pyn busy with her school & me busy with well, the daily routine, plus, the two days fever.  High fever sucks but great thing is, the sickness provided me efficient time to rest.  The rest that I need so much since the start of the year (been weirdly busy since day one).  

And today, as if to celebrate the day I'm back to my normal, healthy state, I learned that it has come to Joongbo 1000th day!!!


It doesn't matter if they're (really) not together now, we, the Joongboer, we still sail the ship until the historical day comes & clear up the truth.

And tonight on TV, it's the first time I watch KBS after being super busy last week.  After the news I was so happy, because totally unaware of it, the show up next was Dream High!! *hyper*  Unfortunately, it wasn't the epic episode where HJ make his cameo appearance, but it wasn't that bad at all because at one scene, when the sushi-audition-girl came out of the hall & cheering happily "Oppa, oppa I passed! I passed!" she was holding a palm-sized photo of someone that looks SO familiar... I can be wrong but looking at the hair (& that gorgeous look!) I was pretty much sure I spot HYUN JOONG!! *giddy*

I swear I was dancing like crazy "celebrating" what I saw... And you can imagine what my aunt's weird expression looking at me, the really-sick-niece-that-just-got-sober-today doing like that in front of a TV screen. lol.

Of course, seeing BYJ makes me exhilarated too.  But not because I'm his big fan, but because he simply cherished my memories of our Ssangchu couple, totally! ^^

And that's not all.  After DH, I switched to channel Astro 705 as I saw the Kpop hitz was aired that time (perfect timing, hehe)  As usual, I watched the show not expecting much since I have ended feeling miserably frustrated many times before when I wished for them to show up.  The show started with a list of PVs from current idol group (as usual too) so again, slowly I began hopeless.

But then suddenly they put on DBSK's Mirotic on the show -seriously I want to stand up & do the dance again but due to a slight pain in my back I reserved the excitement for that moment.  I guessed I've done too much before during that one scene on DH. haha.

I know it's just DBSK but there are few major reason why I also got hyper when I saw DBSK these days ^^

First:  DBSK means there is Yunho - the man that very well-known idolize HB just like how much known HJ idolize Hyori.

2nd:  There's Yoochun & Junsu - both have been on the same X-man show with HB.  And though I haven't seen the episode where they were said fought for HB to be their partner, that makes me happy knowing that the two also "noticed" HB during those days ^^

3rd:  Hero Jaejoong.  The "mysterious man" in my own eyes.  Back then, his appearance, once, has been the major reason why I dislike DBSK at first sight. But much later, I realized his being in the group is the same reason I was able to remember the group name. Thus, his image was stuck in my brain till now.  And very much later *biased mode alert* he became one of my fave idol too, just because I learned that he's a good close friend of HJ. keke.  Don't bash me girls, I do heart DBSK very much nowadays^^v

4th:  I just love Micky Yoochun. Oops, ssorry. This is not JBer-related,  but this is still a reason for me to love DBSK ^^ Blame it all to Sungkyunkwan Scandal, hahaha.  I just love the connection.

Those reasons enough to make me a happy fan tonight, right? ^^
As the show goes on, I became more thankful because, right after my new-love DBSK perf, it was 
SS501 Love Ya!!!

At first I couldn't register it in my mind when the clip starts with the song title.  It takes three sec later to realized that my wish has been granted! *kyaaa*
Again, if the backpain wasn't there, I would've been dancing along in front of the tv. lol.

That feels so great.  I've been missing TV few days & this is what I get when I "came back".  I'm very pleased.  Can't complain anymore tonight. Huhu.

If I can remember it right, since last November it seems like everything I watch in K-entertainment now will all reminds me of our Joongbo couple... & now the connection circles seems to get bigger! It feels like I was constantly reminded of our Ssangchu couple whenever I watched TV. lol.

It sometimes drives me crazy because I tend to get "drowned" in my eagerness to find out their latest news.  That makes me became a procrastinator from doing all other works that I should've done.  Troublesome eh?

Well, whatever it is, we're still happy sailing this ship, aren't we? ^____^
And to celebrate the 1000th day, I saw that fellow JBers already busy studying to fold the turtles.  I personally love doing origami.  And most of the paper arts I did so far, I learned doing them from YT.  So here's a tutorial on folding paper turtle I found on the same source today.  The vid is so clear &   interestingly, they also provide Eng. instruction for our convenience.  Let's learn together~Yorobun, fighting!! p(^o^)q

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