And I'm a girl...

Ever since I become another Joongboer, this is one  place I diligently visited on daily basis.
I board the ship late (both me&pyn) thus all the previous feed provided by senpais really help me much (Hontou ni arigatou gozaimashita, senpai-tachi!) ^^
They shared so much things that I enjoyed spazzing each of the entries.  The blog was updated by several members & each have different style of posting that never makes my visits feel meaningless (I love them all!! ^^)

And lately, very interesting thing happened with recent posts. To be exact, senpai Meme own groom also made his appearance in those posts!! yay~ ^^
Their combo-posts were really interesting because since then, with Tommy's contribution, we were able to see "man's view" of the whole thing we spazzed about on Joongbo all this time..

So in their recent posts, Tommy had always pointed out to his dear Meme what we (ladies) often missed out when "reading" HJ's behavior/action in WGM... he even recall some moments that Meme herself thought she never paid much attention to before he mentioned them.  Every time he did, indeed, those moments are really spazz-worthy moments that JBers (supposedly) shouldn't missed in the first place.

To my own surprised, I realized something that kinda freaked me out (?!!)
In a good way tho ^^

I may have not much proof to solidified my "analysis" yet, but this, this & this ...
because those were Tommy's spazz-points, they were supposed to be a man's point of view...

Strangely,  it feels like reading my own thoughts...
While watching WGM back then, I did noticed the same thing, wonder of those same certain moments, and conclude the same reasons for things I saw on the screen.    
Our "views" were exactly the same. 
and I am a girl.


Why does it feels like someone just knock on my head pushing in those big questions (again)

..That's just the way you do your thinking since the day you were born, so it's normal, right?? ...
..Don't you remember? They did said: Sometimes it looks like you were trying hard to look "more girly", yet you still bore that "macho" way of thinking...which most time betrays your attempt to be the lady...gah
And the funny one?
..They thought, because of your infamous "male-ish"  points of view, you seems to have no interest in man *defeated* (though they themselves then confirmed you're 100% a straight, normal girl with normal interest) ... even funnier, they even make efforts to pair you up with those guys in school back then, several time. lol.


Gah. Why am I writing about this??
No big deal, really..
There are lots and lots of NORMAL girl out there who THINKS just the way I do.
I mean, "man's way" thinking.. Which is actually NORMAL.
Fact: People thinks & acts different ways.  And that means it is NORMAL to think anyway you like.
Even Shillang is considered NORMAL with his 4D-self.
Which clearly means, I am NORMAL too ^^

==_____== ~

Ssorry for wasting your precious reading time.. gomen! ^_~v

I was overreacting again eh? >.<
Yeah. I AM 
Well. At least, this is proof that I'm a NORMAL emo-girl. It's emo-GIRL yo! *woohooo*


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