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Lurking around in soompi again. In between the posts, saw some comments that personally I think pretty disturbing.  As the thread are originally dedicated for JB lovers, those shocking posts really sounded pretty harsh towards the couple (esp. to HB-unnie), and obviously the poster seems annoyed(?) with all the supports given/showed to the couple in the thread.

And because of that, tonight, reading is a real pleasure.  

Oh..Don't get me wrong. I AM hurt reading those claimed "neutral" opinions. Duh.

Its a pleasure because afterward, there were other posters who voiced out their defensive notes in reply to those unwelcome posters.... Honest & strong supportive feedback from loving JBers around the world.  Proves that this ship is still going on strong^^ JBers -jjang! *touched*

Here I'm quoting some replies that moves me profoundly^^ I even got teary reading their comments.  Feels like reading my own thought in much more organized words.  Clearly put in sentence, I myself don't think I'm capable to express my two cents that well.

[Note that words in bold were exact/similar thoughts I have in mind all this time. And colored one were my personal extra notes]

Credits to jjyy738@soompi. Posted on 03 November 2010 - 04:17 PM 
I will have to *strongly* disagree with you here. :sweatingbullets: Actually I am in the position as you since I only started watching WGM after finishing Playful Kiss. And I have no idea who Hwangbo is although I heard about Ssangchu couple long time ago. I came to WGM because of HJ but I ended up falling in love with HJ and JB together.

Your resistance towards Ssangchu couple is understandable since the show at the very beginning did try to cast HJ and HB a "mismatched" couple (older sister and younger brother). They were recruited to the program because one couple withdrew at the last minute. And indeed, it's obvious that KHJ at first showed nonchalance and irritation towards HB, but that's why his total transformation at the end was so shockingly moving. I am curious whether you really paid close attention to their interactions especially in the latter episodes. When both of them strolled on the beach of Pusan, HB said that "it seems like that we won't spend the entire winter together." HJ lowered his eyes and answered, "We will." And at the end when they went to Jesu Island, HJ is no longer the tacit and introvert HJ I know. He resorted to every method to confess his feeling to HB, and I am **not** saying that he has romantic feeling towards her. Maybe he saw HB a loving and generous sanbei, a noona instead of a love interest.Maybe it's his guilty feeling of not being able to reciprocate the care he received from HB. But if you really use your heart,put aside all the ridiculous bias about differences in age and popularity, disregard all the rumors from antis, you can see they really cherish their time together and show appreciation towards each other. (Again, I am not saying it's definitely "love").

In particular, in the last two episodes, it is HJ who was less willing to let go compared to HB. As shy as he was, HJ managed to deliver his emotions through certain "masks." He made (himself) a star and told HB that if the star (aka himself) will appear in her dream if he is abroad. And he even explicitly wrote on the beach: "Don't lose me!" (It's not "Don't Forget ME!").Note that he didn't use honorific term to address HB in his writing on the beach. And when they climbed up to the top of the mountain, HJ revealed himself so much and I couldn't believe this is the HJ I know! I am sorry if I offend any HJ fans here. But if he was only performing in accordance to the script, then how come his acting in Boys over Flowers was so bad, and even in Playful Kiss despite tremendous improvement, he still hasn't developed such a natural and appealing performance as in WGM????

And I also beg people to see the reservation HB has towards HJ from the very beginning to the end. HJ is a super idol and HB knows that if they get closer, it will put both in a difficult position. For the past two days, I was watching X-man where HB appeared. She was much more carefree in X-man. In fact, very often HB was more afraid of bodily contact than HJ (and there were some reasons from HB's part). Indeed, the program tried to cast HB as a caring mother-like wife who took care of the indifferent son-like husband. If you really watch their episodes closely, their roles gradually shift. Once HJ opened himself up, he tried to take care of HB in a subtle way. At the end, when HJ and HB that don't try to pretend to be tough and told her that every Tuesday from then on would become empty, we know they are going far far far beyond the script. And don't forget that HB told the PD that she should have said "sorry" after the first farewell journey when she saw HJ being exhausting all the time. And I believe every Joongboer burst into tears when she told HJ (also another highly scripted setting) that her crime was that she abducted one star for months and now she wanted to set the free star.  <<this is exactly when tears start blurring my eyes >.<  I recalled their last moment together that night in the final farewell..

How I wish every word and expression they deliver on the screen is scripted so we all joongboers can also set our memory of ssanchu couple free! How I wish everything is scripted that we can easily conclude that all the entertainers are simply actors and therefore we can simply see them as entertainers instead of human beings with their needs, vulnerability and inner strength.

As I said in my first post in the thread, I really don't think "chemistry" is the right word to describe ssangchu couple. Everyone has a different definition of chemistry and I don't deny the chemistry between KHJ and JSM in Playful Kiss. Without that chemistry, I wouldn't even bother to watch Playful Kiss since it's a much flawed drama with huge problems in directing,editing and script writing (why not hire the person who wrote WGM?!) However, for me personally, every CP pales compared to ssangchu couple (so true, me too!!). The seemingly "bland" interactions between HJ and HB just belongs to a different level and the trust and care they exhibit towards each other just moves me profoundly. Who said love is simply consisted of bobo and all the dramatic performance? Love is letting go and let the other one embrace the dream and happiness.

Therefore, To the World!!

Very well said! *claps* 
I was practically shouting out "Oh that is SO TRUE TRUE TRUE!!!" when she said every CP pales compared to Ssangchu couple... Before, I craved for PK after the drama finished (because I easily fall in love with sweet, cute couples in JKdramas).  Yes I confessed once I adores MinJoong couple as the best CP I've ever watched on tv.  But all that changed after Ssangchu couple mesmerized me in with their honest interactions WGM.

Credits to AllforCJW@soompi. Posted on 03 November 2010 - 10:12 PM

Jjyy738, I am sorry I cut your post. For some reasons,I got teary reading your post. Thank you for expressing your thoughts. You picked up many subtle nuances that many viewers had missed. You are right that Joongbo love wasn't loud or full of grand gestures. In fact, their quiet care and understanding of each other that make them stand out among all WGM couples. Like HB said, "we didn't need to have a lot of conversations to read each other's thought." For the newbies, my undestanding is that WGM is not scripted (at least in season 1) although the missions are scripted. As HJ mentioned before that it was 99% himself during WGM and even his SS501 mates confirmed that HJ was being real while in the show. HB expressed her regret for showing a little too much of herself. The reason why they were voted as the best couple is because the viewers saw that they were being authentic and non pretentious. It's difficult for me to comprehend how could someone say that HJ was just trying to put up with HB. I questioned if the person even watched the same show? ^^_^^ HJ who is introvert and is not good at expressing himself surprised us when he was being so open with HB during their Mt. Hala journey. I was very moved by how he expressed himself in Mt. Halla because I believe he was being truthful and sincere with his speech. He probably had been wanting to say those words for a while but didn't know how until the opportunity at Mt. Hala arose. I love how he even felt a need to clarify that he was being serious and that he understood what he was about to say will be aired on TV. It's pretty apparent to me, based on their Mt.Hala speeches, that they understood each other well, beyond just the superficial stuff and they exhibited strong emotional connections. The part where he didn't want to let go of HB's hand is a demonstration of his inner feelings.

When I first visited this thread, I too myself questioned this fandom and was surprised by the number of joongbo supporters. Not until I read the backpages of the thread, I finally realized that this fandom is not totally baseless, there are more than meets the eye, and that joongboers aren't crazy as what others indicated. There are solid reasons why after 2 years the ship is still sailing strong. In my opinion what sustains this ship is the continuous hints clues, and coincidences that connect these two people together. In my crazy joongbo mind, I believe that some of the hints were planted by the couple themselves.

Well said AllforCJW!! *claps*
She quoted the same post as above (#1).  Feels like reading my own thoughts again, she delivered them clearly in written words.

Thank you JBers *hugs* I may not have much to contribute as new crew to this ship, but I have faith we'll be able to sail through the rough seas till many years to come ^^

It's a real pleasure to meet you all.  Till destiny reveals the truth, we still believe~!


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